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WEST is a unified Sacramento wake community documenting wake skills for encouragement, entertainment and community identity.

We offer free professional wake sport performance product advise and wake trick consultation for the willing.

Our Wake Community consists of passionate Wake Professionals who continuously train in Wake sport progression.


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Rob Goldstein

President & Wakeboard Division Director

Shon Ribera

Producer & Creative Director

Dan Sauvageau

Vice President & Surf Division Director

WEST Traditional Blue Signature Hat

Manufactured upon request on our FaceBook Page

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River Vice Poster

River Vice

Our first official Yacht Surfing Production on the Sacramento River. Witness as Wake Boarders join forces with Wake Surfers, who join forces with Jet Skis, who in turn join forces with the Sacramento Yacht Club. What the. . . is right and is what WEST is all about.

A talented Sacramento Wake Community United.

Knight Rider Poster

Knight Rider HideOut - Dr. Dynomite

Rail-jam to Knight Rider on an illuminate theatrical wake rail park. The "exclusive invite only" HideOut, offers 6 of the tallest and longest rail features in Northern California. Each video series we train by daylight on mastering rail style and trick. By "Knight" fall, riders are ready to showcase their latest rail skills in front of a live shoreline audience who interacts in response to rider performances. All this entertainment and showmanship captured in HD and posted where ever you want.

Want to be apart of Series 2?

Endless Summer Night Sesh Event A Success!

The Mega-Droubt can't stop WESTriders from promoting a valuable Water-sports destination and hosting a memorable Surf event all night long for the entire family. Go ahead, watch, feel and experience the love of the WEST family.

WEST Pulls The Fear Out of You!

Join WESTriders film crew this February 2015 for our next Friday the 13th production. You don't have to pull out fearless tricks wearing an authentic hockey mask. We're always looking for extras. This year we expanded storyline of this dark water tale at the mysterious HideOut - Hidden Rail Park with the scariest rails in Northern California.

Our First Wake Surf Event at Rollins Lake

Ride along with the WESTriders Crew who want to capture the technicality of your most difficult tricks and advance you with pro video support, wake riding etiquette and expose your wake performance passion to the best in wake industry.