Uniting Sacramento Wake Communities One Epic Film at a Time.

Wake Exposure Sacramento Territory

A Water-sport Community Interested in Optimized Wakes for Wake sport Performance & Film Production.

WEST is a non-profit unified wake community for gathering essential rider feedback on leading wake sport brands and lifestyles for the purpose of advancing wake-sports & technology.

Whether you Wake Board, Wake Skate or Surf, Jet Ski or rely on a wake to perform, you value a finely tuned wake with distinctive size, shape and length for the best rides & areal performances.

WEST is your local social outlet for Wake-sport Performance & Wake Community Network. We organize & host Meet & Greets, produce action packed wake-sports short films and exist to introduce you to knowledgeable and responsible boaters and skilled wake sport athletes in the Sacramento area.

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"If it wasn't for a community organizer like WEST hosting events & productions, or encouraging us to be apart of something more than just our boat, we would probably still be a passer by knowing as little as we did then.

WEST is a vital resource for my family's boating experience. A valuable outlet to boating etiquette & safety, latest pro wake board lines, and wake boat features and technology."

-- The Clementes