Endless Summer Night Sesh Event A Success!

The Mega-Droubt can't stop WESTriders from promoting a valuable Watersports destination and hosting a memorable Surf event all night long for the entire family.

Knight Rider HideOut

Films In October!

Join WESTriders next Epic Wake Production in October. An Illuminated Rail Jam Sesh on Northern California's tallest and longest rails. Check our Facebook for updates.

Ride along with the WESTriders Crew who want to capture the technicality of your most difficult tricks and advance you with pro video support, wake riding etiquette and expose your wake performance passion to the best in wake industry.

WEST Pulls The Fear Out of You!

Join WESTriders film crew in February 2015 for our next Friday the 13th production. You don't have to pull out fearless tricks wearing an authentic hockey mask. We're always looking for extras. This year we expanded storyline of this dark water tale at the mysterious HideOut - Hidden Rail Park with the tallest rails in Northern California. Check it out.

WEST 2 - Event 2

Each year WEST host a local meet and greet sponsored by local water front destinations, Wakeboard Brands, Pro Photography & Video, and local Wake Professionals looking to build river and lake teams. For more about your events join the conversation on facebook.

Official W.E.S.T. facebook Cover Photos for All Progressive Riders.

Simply join the conversation on Facebook and post your most enthusiastic request. Our talented community will extend a hand to you and pull you on-board.